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RPS Finance WhitePaper

What is RPS Finance?
RPS Finance WhitePaper
Introducing skilled-based income for anyone, anywhere. The purpose of RPS Finance is to prove there is financial credibility in RISK, particularly via casual and competitive games.
Good to know: RPSBET.IO has no 'Luck' factors; the outcome is 100% dependent on player decisions.
Here's a succinct overview of the products, RPS Finance has to offer, from the Founding Team:
"The focus is not to disrupt the gambling industry - it is to persevere, find and deliver legitimate ways of income-generation. Gambling is toxic but is fast in turning (at the same time losing) capital so when compared with a low-skilled '9-5', it's not that bad! Gaming is efficient in motivating the user i.e., enjoyable, but it is succumb to financial opportunity. Investing isn't necessarily quick but is effective in generating real wealth...I think you can see there's an opportunity for innovation here."
— From the Moby Dick, Co-Founder​

The Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Got 2 minutes? Watch our Beta Trailer for our first platform: A 'Brainy Games' Wagering Platform; RPSBET.IO. This short clip demonstrates the core concept of our vision. See the Game Setups and Auto-Payouts here:
Please note: Gameplay is in '£' currency but $RPS is our native currency on the LIVE domain: rpsbet.io
Good to know: RPS Finance is not another toxic money laundering casino. Although we don't discriminate; when we eventually become a DAO, if that's what the community end up voting for, so be it. But for now, the founder is promoting ethical wagering. Utilising popular mechanics from familiar systems and plans for making it difficult to go back to toxicity, we aim to preserve decentralisation and give back user control.

Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:
Good to know: RPS Finance suffered a contract exploit resulting in a loss in more $10K. See the roadmap for plans to reimburse it's older holders.

Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of our platform to get a deeper understanding of our main features:
Good to know: In a time filled with con-games and greed, our best hope is focusing on ourselves which in turn encourages positive output. Taking risk is one of the most actionable things you can do for your self for improvement. Check out our platform's Twitter; @rpsbet for more knowledge, your ultimate weapon.