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RPS Finance

As well as having its deflationary benefits, using our cryptocurrency helps to solve certain problems such as immutability, data synchronisation and taxation to name a few.
Here's what we can do with blockchain:
  • Be transparent with earnings & revenue - this makes things easily trackable and thus immutable (difficult to modify).
  • Secure - to begin with, we're forking from a very high profile upgradeable smart contract. Then, upon contract migration, we'll have plenty of time and capital to fund the high profiled audits.
  • ​Zero Fees platform - for now, there are no fees that go towards 'the House'. We have Marketing tax when you buy/sell/transfer $R..PS (when we announce we're going fully on-chain, then tax will be applied per bet too for exponential growth). All in all, whatever tax we have only benefits the price of the coin.
  • Wager with shares - essentially holding $RPS makes you a shareholder in the project, which means you not only feel the benefit when Winning on the platform but also as an investment parallel to the project's success.
  • ​DAO - eventually, we aim to renounce ownership. The founders will legally declare their earning to their jurisdictions but all-in-all, we opt for a truly decentralised experienced for our users to have true freedom. We do not exist in one jurisdiction, we exist on a decentralised blockchain and plan to keep it that way, respecting ethical laws and putting the trust in the community to build something that can benefit us all. Before this final stage of development, we'll have made sure to put the necessary precautions in place to prevent undesired circumstances such as a malicious monopoly.
Good to know: With cryptocurrencies also being transparent, there are tools out there that can verify the legitimacy of our intentions, even though we consider intentions to be irrelevant.