RPS Finance Docs


Learn how we will implement the finest of Tokenomics catered specifically for our users / investors.

Partially-chain (Per Withdrawal / Deposit only)

As the roadmap states, we're initially Launching partially on-chain, as this fits alongside our budget. This means, Tokenomic Tax will only apply when you're making a Withdrawal / Deposit from the platform (and of course when you're buying / selling / transferring )

On-Chain (Per Game only)

The next stage is to allow players connect their accounts with the Public wallet addresses and play directly from their Web3 wallets, saving you from having to deposit & withdraw but most importantly apply Tokenomic Tax to each game to fully benefit from the platform's experience
Th team have had their fair share of 'hiccups' and believe to be excellent candidates for taking responsibility in directing RPS 'To-the-Moon'!
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