RPS Finance Docs

Fees - Withdrawals & Deposits

There are no fees on RPSBET.IO, only Token Tax which benefit the community as a whole. See Token Distribution for more.
Good to know: The only available currency on rpsbet.io will be $RPS, this is for deflationary reasons.
RPSBET.IO aims to launch initially, only partially on-chain to give players the feel of the platform and to fit inline with our budgets. After all- we don't do handouts, and we depend on our community like they depend on the community.


Withdrawals are instant and funds will arrive within 30 seconds to your Web3 Wallet. Further, you can withdraw any amount from your balance. You must be holding BNB to receive $RPS.
To see your funds in your wallet, ensure you have imported our token.


Click your balance and then 'Deposit' from the drop down list. Then, if your Web3 wallet is already connected, and if you have both RPS and BNB inside, then you can enter your deposit amount before approving the transaction in your Web3 Pop-up window.