RPS Finance Docs

Staking / Unstaking (Bankroll)

Bankroll betting is like getting married. The longer you wait, the more money you can have, but soon as you die, you may lose it all."
Good to know: When setting up your Stake, we recommend setting Automatic-Payouts and optionally renewing your Stake automatically with Repeat Stake.
The purpose of Staking is to collateralise your high-score with the site's native cryptocurrency $RPS in hopes that it is unbeatable before you Unstake and redeem profits. Hosting a game is advantageous over Joining as you can set 'stop-loss'-like automatic payouts.

Unstaking (Go to 'My Stakes' Panel)

You can assess how your stake is doing in your personal backend or as we call it, under 'My Games'.
Simply select a Game Tab and view Games you have currently running (middle) or Games you have participated in (right).