RPS Finance Docs

For Challengers

Challenging a stake is the most common way of participating in RPSBET.IO and is the backbone to our economy.
Joining a game on rpsbet.io, is your way of challenging the 'stake' (like starting a new fast food franchise in an attempt to take away what's there already). Remember, your mind is the ONLY thing you have control over.
Good to know: There are zero fees for Staking and Unstaking on RPSBET.IO. The only fees you encounter are when you buy and sell $RPS on an exchange or make a transfer to another address, in which case it's 5%, see Token Tax for more..

Bankroll Betting - 'Beat the House'

Joining somebody else's stake is not creating competition, unless you are confident in your ability. Hosting a game generally requires more capital so you may have no choice but to likely lose a few times before gaining momentum. Besides - humans learn best by learning the hard way, we're gifted that way! But at least you can really understand the dynamics to success. We're presenting to you a fractal of the general "journey" to success.

Joining a Stake

You can challenge any game in the Live Games Panel by clicking the 'Join' button on a single row. Then follow the steps listed below.
  1. 1.
    Follow the instructions for whichever game you are playing.
  2. 2.
    If you agree on the 'Bet Amount', click the 'Ok' or the 'Start' button (depending on the game) which will immediately deposit your funds from your account balance into the game's Pot.
  3. 3.
    Check your balance on rpsbet.io by clicking on the value which then shows your recent game logs. You may need to refresh.
As RPSBET.IO is a skilled-based game, you are most likely going to lose at first before winning.