RPS Finance Docs

For Investors (& Players)

$RPS is the only available currency on rpsbet.io.
We moved away from fiat (PayPal) after having so many issues with central banks. Low on capital, we pursued decentralisation before fully launching our platform: it was a success and we went from being deeply in debt to $10-$15K liquidity in a couple of weeks, before being exploited and more.
1 year later, we finally get to a stage where we're ready to try again. The team have thousands of stories regarding failures and important lessons that we never dwell upon. It is these failures that make us perfect candidates for our endeavours in the pursuit for a financially-free future, even for someone with the bare minimum; education, intelligence & capital - only self-discipline is needed to make passive income from the platform.
Good to know: Since $RPS are shares of RPS Finance - when you play on RPSBET.IO, you are essentially wagering with shares of the DAO. Playing with equity is much better than a virtual in-game coin, wouldn't you agree?

Not a 'Gambler'?

You may not be interested in the playing part - in which case, why not just just check out our Pitch Deck tailored for our investors!
$RPS Finance demonstrates the power of Next-Gen Web3 technology & Skill Games