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Number games...
Spleesh is a numbers games, not a mathematics game. Just a game that tests you on your ability to predict a players confidence.

How is that achieved?

The aim of the game: To guess the Host's Number
We have 2 gametypes:
  1. 1.
    100,000 - 1M
  2. 2.
    1M - 10M
Each gametype gives you 10 numbers to choose from.
2 things to note:
  • whatever you choose, you bet with
  • when it comes to players guessing your number, whatever they choose, they bet with
When you introduce cash to the game, it introduces more thought to the game. The trick is, to not think about the money, focus on the mind games and have fun with it. Don't just bet recklessly, or you'll learn the hard way!